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Pawsitive Steps 2019 brought an array of programs that not only delivered fun, fitness and health but also educated the public on some key challenges around mental health. Be part of an organisation that assists communities to remove the stigma of mental health.


The only festival that brings dogs and mental health together in a fun filled family day out. 

  • Be part of a cause that understands the therapeutic nature of dogs and the love they have for us humans

  • Remove the stigma of mental health by attending a festival that activity promotes wellbeing and mindful training

  • Incredible and exciting day out for the family that includes a main stage, a playdome, dog arena and more. 


Coming soon 

  • Plenty to find out about the festival program. Stay tuned! 


With great delight, I take this opportunity to present the "2021 Pawsitive steps Mind Doggy and Spirit festival" in its eight-year.


"As a society, we all know that Mental Health is serious business."


According to the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare, the recurrent national expenditure on mental health-related services was estimated to be $10.6 billion over 2018-2019. This expenditure increases an average of 3.1%. We have even far greater and serious losses when we consider indirect costs of mental illness to individuals, organisations, families and loved ones. These costs are unmeasurable. 

The good news is that investment in mental health has the greatest returns. Studies show that successful implementation of an effective action to create a community of mentally healthy workplace organisations, on average, can give rise to a positive return on investment (ROI) of 2.3. No doubt, such investment is great!


That's why Mind Connections Foundation is investing in community mental health awareness programs, including Pawsitive Steps Mind, Doggy and Spirit Festival and other community education seminars. Since its inception in 2011, the event has promoted mental wellbeing aiming to create strong communities around the concept of 'healthy mind and healthy life. That goal is as pertinent today as it was then. It's a goal I know we all share. Reducing the stigma attached to mental illness and understanding that this stigma often prevents people from seeking help early drives us to implement events that celebrate a holistic approach to wellbeing. For me, it has been a great privilege and joy to be part of this journey for over a decade.


As the Pawsitive Steps Committee chairman, I would like to invite you to partner with us and get involved as we tackle mental health head-on. 


Mind Connections Foundation who sponsor this event, is an ACNC registered charity organisation. Your partnership is tax-deductible based on Foundation's DGR status. The profits from the event will go towards the sustainability of the event and funds allocation towards "Connect2Life," a Hills-based suicide prevention program. 


We look forward to staging the event "Pawsitive steps Mind Doggy and Spirit festival" on the 10th of October 2021 as we celebrate world mental health day. 


 Dr Daya Howpage 

 BSc, MPM, PhD, MBA 


 Pawsitive Steps Committee


Why Pawsitive Steps? 

Pawsitive Steps is a great community event that celebrates good mental health and wellbeing. Since its inception in 2011, the event continues to grow as a major event that addresses the stigma attached to mental health and illness.

Pawsitive Steeps – Mind, Doggy and Spirit Festival comprise of four-prong approach in improving community resilience and social interactions. A family fun day loaded with activities with our best friend’s, puppies and dogs. The local service providers in the health sector, nutrition and fitness groups provide community education in a non-stigmatising environment. The participants and service providers experience great joy as they share the knowledge with prevention and early intervention.

Supported by Mind Connections Foundation, this festival delivers Dogs, Mental Health organisations and wellbeing activities in one day. Mind Connections Foundation  is the official organisers and is a part of their array of programs to remove the stigma of mental health in the community. Mind Connections Foundation is ACNC registered charity with DGR status. 


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